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          PCB Repair Services

 We provide repair services for all types of Circuit boards.

 MotherBoard PCBs.

 Controller PCBs.

 Medical Device PCBs.

 CNC Machine  PCBs.

 Motor Driver PCBs.

 Interface PCBs.

          CNC Panel / Controller Repair

 We provide Repair Service for all types of CNC Panels/   Controllers.








         Servo Drive Repair Services

 We provide repair services of all Industrial Servo Drives.

 Brand /Make :   Capacity : 400 VA - 50KVA







          Online UPS Repair Services

We provide repair service of all type Online UPS / Solar Inverter

Brand: Any Brand/ Make

Capacity: 500 VA - 100 KVA


          PCB Design Services 


          Schematic Entry

          PCB Layout

          High-Speed Design

          Single to Multilayer Design

          PCB Assembly Services 


          PCB Fabrication Service (Third Party)

          Through Hole PCB Assembly

          SMD Component PCB Assembly

          PCB Testing Services

          Firmware Development Services