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Electronic Circuit

PCB  Layout Design 

Schematic Design

Schematic Entry Design

Schematic Design that placing all components symmetrically on the sheet, makes the PCBs through nets. It can be print to study board connections.

PCB Layout Design

PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) Design is very complex job. An Electronic Circuit follows varity of design rules.

PCB Assemby

PCB assembly , there are lot of varity components are mounted on the bare PCB, it can be through hole or smd components. As per requirement manual or wave/dip soldering can be used


Embedded system design



Application Analysis

There are lot of electronic application using Embedded Design System. The application has a microcontroller which control the whole circuit and make the process .



Component Selection

Every Electronics system or Embedded system having inputs, output and process, so as per need the appropriate Components are selected

Hardware/ Software Development

Hardware/ Software 

After application analysis , The PCB layout have designed with following all design rules. After PCB assembly the program file loaded into the microcontroller. 

programing icon.png

Microcontroller Programming




Microchip Microprocessor 

We are able to development firmware for most of  Microchip Processors like

  • PIC8/16/32 Bit

  • Atmel8081/Sam

  • AVR/ Atmega/ Atiny

  • Arduino

ST logo.jpg


STM Microprocessor

We are able to devolpment firmware most of  STM Processors like

  • STM8S/8L/8A

  • STM32F030

  • STM32F4

  • STM32F7

  • STM32F103

nuvoton logo.png


Nuvoton Microprocessor

We are able to devolpment firmware most of  Nuvoton Processors like

  • N76E Series

  • N79E Series

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